[R] how to find names referring to "parts" of an R object. particlualry w.r.t capscale

Nevil Amos nevil.amos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 14 12:28:24 CET 2010

This is both a very general, and a specific question. either answer will 
help me a lot.

I know the object$part syntax is used to retrieve parts of an object for 
instance myMantel$signif will return the  the p value of mantel() and 
myMantel$statistic the mantel r.

Is there any way of listing such components of all objects.  at the 
moment I would like to be able to extract the variance, p value etc for 
a capscle to tabulate the automatically but would also like to know if 
the re is a simple way to establish the way to refer to all individual 
sub parts of a object?


Nevil Amos

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