[R] Xapply question

Claudia Beleites cbeleites at units.it
Fri Nov 12 14:46:19 CET 2010

Dear list,

I'm stuck with looking for a function of the *apply family, which I suppose 
exists already – just I can't find it:

What I'm looking for is somewhere between sweep and mapply that does a 
calculation vectorized over a matrix and a vector:

It should work complementary to sweep: for each row of the matrix, a different 
value of the vector should be handed over.
Close to mapply because I need to go through different variables in a parallel 
fashion (at the moment a matrix and a vector).

Kind of a mapply that hands over array slices.

Maybe it is easiest with an example. This loop does what I want, but
 > A <- matrix (rnorm (12), 3)
 > A
         [,1]    [,2]    [,3]     [,4]
[1,]  0.1286  0.2888 -0.4435 -0.90966
[2,] -1.6000 -1.0884  1.3736  0.07754
[3,]  0.4581  1.5413  0.6133 -0.12131
 > v <- 1 : 3

 > f <- function (x, y) { # some function depending on vector x and skalar y
+    c (sum (x^2), y)
+ }

 > result <- matrix (NA, nrow = nrow (A), ncol = 2)
 > for (r in 1 : nrow (A))
+    result [r,] <- f (A [r,], v [r])
 > result
       [,1] [,2]
[1,] 1.124    1
[2,] 5.637    2
[3,] 2.976    3

The matrix will easily be in the range of 1e4 - 1e5 rows x 1e2 - 1e3 columns, so 
I do not want to split it into a list and combine it afterwards.

The reason why I ask for a function is partly also because I want to overload 
the functionality for a specific class and I don't think it's a good idea to 
invent a name for something that probably already exists.

If this function does not exist, any ideas how I should call it?

Thanks a lot,


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