[R] Develop, Scale and Deploy your analyses more easily with Spotfire S+ 8.2

Louis Bajuk-Yorgan lbajuk at tibco.com
Thu Nov 11 23:45:12 CET 2010

Continuing our focus on providing the best commercial platform for
creating and sharing statistical analyses, TIBCO is proud to announce
the general availability of Spotfire S+ 8.2. This release focuses on
helping our customers scale their analyses to solve larger analytic
problems and to share and deploy their analyses more easily.

The Spotfire S+ Product Family

This release builds on the features of TIBCO Spotfire Statistics
Services 3.1 (formerly S+Server) to make it even easier to create S+ and
R-powered analytic applications for deployment through TIBCO Spotfire.
We have also released a new version of Spotfire Miner, which combines
drag-and-drop analytic workflows with S+ scripts. 

Scaling to solve larger analytic problems 

Spotfire S+ now supports Windows 64-bit desktop platforms, and delivers
much faster matrix operations for higher overall performance.  The new
Statistics Services view in the Eclipse-based Spotfire S+ Workbench
provides a way to monitor the allocation and status of your Spotfire S+
and R analytic jobs run through Statistics Services, helping you utilize
the resources of your cluster or grid as efficiently as possible. 

Easier, More Secure Deployment

Spotfire S+ 8.1 introduced the ability to submit
computationally-intensive scripts to a server. This release provides the
ability to track and manage those jobs directly from within the Spotfire
S+ Workbench. The new Statistics Services View also lets you deploy
packages and data files easily and securely to a server from the
Spotfire S+ Workbench. 

Updated Spotfire S+ Workbench

The Spotfire S+ Workbench, our modern Eclipse-based Integrated
Development Environment (IDE) for developing and debugging S+ code, has
been updated to the latest version of the Eclipse framework to provide a
seamless user experience between multiple platforms (Unix, Linux, and
32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows).

Focus on Customer Feedback

Based on many customer requests, this release provides numerous
improvements, including data access enhancements (such as the ability to
import from specific sheets in an Excel workbook), improved consistency
of colors and shapes between graphics devices, and support for Windows

Enhanced R Compatibility
This version includes new functions (and new arguments to existing
functions) to improve compatibility with R, making it easier to migrate
packages from R to Spotfire S+ and simplifying writing scripts
compatible with both Spotfire S+ and R.

For more information on Spotfire S+ 8.2, please visit our website at:


For more information on deploy S+ and R-powered applications through
Statistics Services, please visit:


Lou Bajuk-Yorgan
Sr. Director, Product Management
Spotfire, TIBCO Software
lbajuk at tibco.com

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