[R] logging interim results using foreach/doMC

Martin Tomko martin.tomko at geo.uzh.ch
Thu Nov 11 11:05:19 CET 2010

Dear all,
I am converting a large process to a parallel backhend using doMC and 
foreach. Basically, I havea long list of input graph files and each of 
them calls soem basic igraph package functions. I am parallelizing the 
run, in order to save time. All works fine, and each %dopar% call ends 
with a vector of results that at the end got fed into a data frame and 
saved as a csv table.

When I did this in serial, I was appending to the table as results came, 
allowing for a continuous log in case the server would crash or get out 
of memory or similar.
Using %dopar% I have no idea how I could rbind the results while running 
the function.

Does anyone have an experience with logging results during a parallel run?


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