[R] location of Tisean executables when using RTisean and jumping between linux and windows

Kari Ruohonen kari.ruohonen at utu.fi
Tue Nov 9 16:03:41 CET 2010

I wonder if someone could help. I needed to transfer (copy) a workspace
file that had been generated in linux (R 2.11) to windows running the
same version of R 2.11 (but of course windows binary). Usually, there is
no problem in doing this and all objects work as expected. I am often
doing this to be able to produce wmf or emf graphic files that I need.

This time I had some spectra that I have taken the first derivative of
with the sav_gol function in the RTisean package. I know RTisean is just
an interface to the Tisean executables.

The trouble I am facing is that it seems that the location of the Tisean
executables is somehow hard coded to the R workspace file. I assume this
since when I try to rerun the sav_gol on the windows machine after
copying the workspace file from linux and opening it in windows, RTisean
tries to search the Tisean executables from the location that is valid
for linux, not windows.

RTisean help package says RTisean asks the location of the executables
the first time a function is called and that this location is saved in
user's home directory for future use. There is no specific information
of how this works in windows where there is no obvious home directory.
However, I have run R console on windows and it asked this location but
I don't know where the information was stored. In linux it is
in .RTiseanSettings file in user's home as explained.

My questions are:
1) Is there a way I could break the link of the Tisean executables to
the linux location so that when run in windows the executables in
windows will be used? 
2) Is the hard coding of the location of Tisean executables to the
workspace image deliberate and necessary?

Many thanks,
Kari Ruohonen

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