[R] Suppressing (or changing) the colours when using spatstat plot.quadratcounts

David O'Sullivan d.osullivan at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Nov 4 10:36:17 CET 2010

Using the quadrats and quadratcount functions in spatstat, when I go to 
plot either of these, I get the quadrats coloured by their identity, 
i.e., using a color ramp applied to the sequence of quadrats.  This only 
happens when the quadrats are applied to an owin which is polygonal, 
i.e., when I have an irregularly shaped study area.

There doesn't seem to be any obvious way to over-ride this behaviour 
that I can find.  I would ideally like to be able to colour the quadrats 
by the number of points/events each contains, rather than by their identity.

Anyone run into this?  It seems like an obvious request, maybe I just 
haven't spotted the necessary option, although I think maybe not - it's 
something to do with how plot.tess() works.


David O'Sullivan
Associate Professor of Geography
University of Auckland | Te Whare Wananga o Tamaki Makaurau

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