[R] library installation problem, invalid regular expression in help indices

Rainer Machne raim at tbi.univie.ac.at
Thu May 27 15:34:03 CEST 2010


I have a strange package installation problem after update to R 2.11.0
on Fedora Core 12.

A colleague of mine with the very same Fedora and R versions doesn't
have this problem, while logging on to his computer but installing from
my settings and into my local library path also shows the problem, so it
seems to be related to some of my environment settings.

Installation of several packages fails during installation of help
indices. The error is:

"Error: invalid regular expression '^[[:blank:]]*"

The packages for which installation failes, with the respective help
files after which the error occurs:

robustbase: NOxEmissions
tuneR: lilyinput
kernlab: kha
rrcov: CovSest
seewave: wasp

Any ideas?

btw, i just copied my colleague's installation folders to mine, and it
seems to work; for me the problem is solved for now. But it would still
be good to know what the problem is.


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