[R] error "variable names are limited to 256 bytes" when sourcing code

Brian Frizzelle bgf at email.unc.edu
Wed May 26 16:53:25 CEST 2010

I've written a function that takes some input data output from a 
simulation model and creates some graphs. It's not very complicated 
code, and it works perfectly fine if I just run the code as is.

But I have converted it into a function so we call it externally, and 
when I try to source the code to test the function, I get the error 
message "variable names are limited to 256 bytes". I've tried searching 
online for a solution to this, but everything I have come across deals 
with this error in relation to input data, not a function.

The code is 389 lines long, so I'd rather not paste it here and clog up 
inboxes. If you have an idea as to why this is happening and would like 
to see the code, please email me and I will send it to you.

Thanks in advance.


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