[R] R interface for blind users: Summary

Rainer Scheuchenpflug scheuchenpflug at psychologie.uni-wuerzburg.de
Mon May 17 15:52:13 CEST 2010

Dear R-help,

just for the record a summary of responses to my problem: 
> On 04/05/2010 9:41 AM, Rainer Scheuchenpflug wrote: 
> a student of mine tries to use the Windows-Rconsole with screen 
> reading software (she is blind), and cannot access the command line (Menus
are ok).

- Duncan Murdoch (Murdoch.duncan at gmail.com) suggested as preliminary
workaround to run RTerm in a command window, to run R from within EMACS or
to try out the JGR front end (see p. 9 of
Within the next days he kindly collaborated with the manufacturer of our
screen reader and implemented a blinking cursor in the R-GUI. My student
installed R-devel 2.12.0 as suggested and is happily using R with her

- Brett Presnell (presnell at stat.ufl.edu) suggested R + Emacs + ESS +
Emacspeak  <URL:http://emacspeak.sourceforge.net/>

- Roopakshi Pathania [r_akshi_tgk at yahoo.com] suggested using R in Linux,
where 2 screen readers (Speakup for text console, Orca for Gnome) are
available. For Windows she suggested NVDA (a free and open screen reader,
http://www.nvda-project.org/). Backchannel she also mentioned an event for
visually impaired students interested in Science and Math:

I' like to thank everybody for their valuable input, and especially Mr.
Murdoch for his programming efforts which solved the problem. You are

Kind regards,

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