[R] Revolution R and the R Community?

Louis Bajuk-Yorgan lbajuk at tibco.com
Fri May 14 21:51:44 CEST 2010

> I hope that other R based companies, like:
>   - S-PLUS <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/S-PLUS>
> Would have acted more in a similar way.
> (And if they do, I didn't know about it and would like to have been
> informed)


One clarification--S-PLUS is not based on R. However, it does share a
common pedigree. 

It (like R) is based on the S language, originally developed at Bell
Labs in the 1970's by a group led by John Chambers. S-PLUS was first
commercialized (based on S) in the late 80's, well before the initial
development of R.

Insightful (and its predecessors), the makers of S-PLUS, have a long
history of collaboration with the R project. Since our acquisition by
TIBCO in 2008, we have shifted our focus to continuing to advance S+
while embracing R, and focusing on extending the reach of both to wider
commercial audiences (through integration with Spotfire and other TIBCO

One of our developers (Bill Dunlap) is a regular contributor to this
forum and correspondent with the R core team. We also are contributors
to the R Foundation and sponsors of useR. However, we are always looking
for more ways to contribute to the R community, and I'd be open to any
suggestions you (or any of the other list members) have on that. 

Lou Bajuk-Yorgan
Sr. Director, Product Management
Spotfire, TIBCO Software
lbajuk at tibco.com

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