[R] How to draw a graphic using data with coordinates and production rate?

Daniel Malter daniel at umd.edu
Fri May 14 21:46:36 CEST 2010

Oh, if plot does the thing, then you just want to specify the color argument
accordingly, where the color argument is given by your production figure.



production=sample(1:100, 100)


#now lets say we want full instead of empty points
plot(y.coord~x.coord, pch=16)

#now lets say we want the points blue

plot(y.coord~x.coord, pch=16, col="blue")

#now lets say we want them in the same blue but with saturation varying by
the production number
plot(y.coord~x.coord, pch=16, col=rgb(0,0,100,production,maxColorValue=100))

#note that you may want to have maxColorValue=max(production) (or scale the
production value accordingly)
#and that you may want to have the color value (here for blue) also at that
same value

#now lets do red instead
plot(y.coord~x.coord, pch=16, col=rgb(100,0,0,production,maxColorValue=100))


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