[R] Help with reading information of "summary"-Object

Tino Schöllhorn t.schoellhorn at gmx.de
Thu May 13 18:58:06 CEST 2010


I am quite new to R - but quite expierience in programming. Nonetheless 
I have some problemes in accessing information of the "summary" object. 
Here is what I do:

model <- lm ( y ~ myVariable )

"summary(model)" gives me an object which has a lot of information about 
the regression. Now I'd like to access programmatically the level of 
significance which is marked with "***" and ("**") according to its 
confidence-interval. As I can access all information of the coefficients 


I am now struggling to access the information of the level of significance.

Does anyone has an idea how I could achieve that? Or where I could find 
a similar example?

Thanks in advance for any hint,

Tino Schöllhorn
Wittelsbachstr. 7
67061 Ludwigshafen

Tel: 0621-4255570
E-Mail: t.schoellhorn at gmx.de

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