[R] Plotting residuals from a sem object

Jesse Young jessewyoung at gmail.com
Mon May 10 16:34:45 CEST 2010

R experts - 

I'm using John Fox's sem package to analyze a simple path model (two correlated predictor variables directly influencing a single criterion variable):

Predictor1 -> Criterion
Predictor2 -> Criterion
Predictor1 <-> Predictor2

I'm giving a presentation on this material next week, and I'd like to use component-residual plots (i.e., partial residual plots) to help the audience visualize the effect of one the predictor variables on the criterion, independent of the other predictor variable.  In a simple multiple regression, I'd use the cr.plots function from Fox's CAR package for this, or just plot residuals from two models regressing my predictor of interest and the criterion variable separately on the other predictor variable.  Is there a way to produce similar plots for a path model (or generate the appropriate residuals to just do the plot myself)?


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