[R] Reshaping a data frame with a series of factors and 23 repeated measures

wclapham william.clapham at ars.usda.gov
Mon Mar 29 21:15:18 CEST 2010

I have a data frame that I created using read.table on a csv spreadsheet.
The data look like the following:

Steer.ID   stocker.trt   Finish.trt  Date   Days Wt ......

Steer.Id, stocker.trt, Finish.trt are factors------ Date, Days, Wt are data
that are repeated 23 times (wide format).  

I want to reshape the data such that I have the correct Steer.ID,
stocker.trt, Finish.trt identifying all of the repeated measures data in a
long  format.

I am a newbie at R and need to develop the skill in reshaping data, so that
I can handle routine problems like described above.

Thanks so much in advance for help or advice.

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