[R] Poisson Lognormal

Robert Ruser robert.ruser at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 20:47:59 CET 2010

2010/3/26 Charles C. Berry <cberry at tajo.ucsd.edu>:
> On Fri, 26 Mar 2010, Robert Ruser wrote:
> So this is the generalized linear model with a poisson family, log link, and
> a Gaussian random effect in the linear predictor.
> Take a look at lme4, MASS (glmmPQL), and try searching CRAN packages for
> 'glm' and 'GLM' (there are a bunch and several promise to handle random
> effects, but YMMV).
Thank you. But I'm wondering how to set random effect? I have the data
#n  number   count
1        0         252
2        1         163
3        2         120
4        3         95

number | exp(lambda) ~poisson(exp(lambda))
exp(lambda)  ~  normal(a,b)

probably I should use a formula:

model.est <- glmer(number ~ 1, family = poisson(link="log"), data = my.data)

but how to set random effect? I do not have predictors. Second I need
to remember that for example 0 occurred 252 times. How to do it - I
can do it using number = seq(number,times=count), but calculation will
last longer.

I would appreciate any help.

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