[R] Filling a grid based on existing data

Steve Murray smurray444 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 24 19:34:03 CET 2010

Dear all,

I currently have a data frame of dimensions 18556 rows by 19 columns. I want to convert this into a grid of dimensions 720 rows by 360 columns. The problem in this case is that not all rows in the initial data frame are complete (there are gaps).

Therefore I am perhaps looking for a way of filling a 720 x 360 grid by reading in all values in each row until one is encountered which does not have 19 columns. In these cases, the row in the new grid should be filled (as the gaps occur every 720 values), and filling should re-start on the next row of the new grid. I hope this is reasonably clear!

Many thanks for any help,


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