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Romain Francois romain at r-enthusiasts.com
Tue Mar 23 14:49:20 CET 2010

Le 23/03/10 13:34, mans a écrit :
> No, I didnt install Rcpp but i have R 2.10.1 already installed.

If you want to use RInside, you need Rcpp. This is what dependencies are 
for. you can install Rcpp from R :

install.packages( "Rcpp" )

> What's the difference with Rinside and Rcpp?

Rcpp defines a set of classes to ease writing C++ code in R packages. 
you can think it as c++ inside R.

RInside facilitates embedding R in a c++ application, you can think it 
as R inside c++.

> Do i need both to embed R code in C++ file or just one of them ?

You don't __need__ any of them, but thy will make the process easier.

> Could you tell me where can i get Rcpp pkg?

cran, but google knows and would have given you the answer more quickly.

> How can i Install it because i dont know how to compile a source file on the
> terminal.
> Thanks very much for your help.

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