[R] Problem using ESS. Error message: "cannot change working directory"

Nicolas Leveroni nicolas.leveroni at gmail.com
Mon Mar 22 03:44:05 CET 2010

Greetings R wizards.
I have the following problem using Emacs Speaks Statistics:

When trying to set a working directory, or when trying to read a file
that is in a directory that has the character "á" (note that it has a
"spanish accent symbol": ´ )  R being ran from emacs tells me that the
directory doesn't exist, or that it can't be found, or:

> setwd("c:/Documents and Settings/Nicolás")
Error in setwd("c:/Documents and Settings/Nicolás") :
  cannot change working directory

I do NOT have the same problem if I try to do this directly with R
GUI. In my opinion, emacs is "telling" R "Nicolás" when it should
"tell" it "Nicolás".

Any thoughts??

Thanks for your help. Thanks for R, and greetings to the hole
community of users, developers, etc.,

Nicolás Leveroni

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