[R] Care to share an R presentation?

Paul Johnson pauljohn32 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 05:54:29 CET 2010

The R movement is picking up steam in the center of America.  People
that ignored my R-enthusiasm 10 years ago are now calling me up asking
for presentations.  I need to make a 2  hour presentation to a
collection of faculty and grad students who might like to use R. I
don't want to make it seem too complicated (as I often do), but I
don't want to mislead them to think it will be easy.

I expect other r-help readers have been in this same situation.  I
have a recollection (5, 6 years ago) that one of the R leaders had a
slideshow for this exact purpose.  But I can't find it now. There is a
R-help similar request and both John Fox and  Deepayan Sarkar offered
links to their materials.  However, the links aren't valid anymore.

If I don't find a pre-existing example to work from, I'll slap
together a Beamer/Sweave presentation and post it where future speech
givers can get it.

Paul E. Johnson
Professor, Political Science
1541 Lilac Lane, Room 504
University of Kansas

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