[R] How good is R at making publication quality tables?

Muenchen, Robert A (Bob) muenchen at utk.edu
Wed Mar 17 20:02:15 CET 2010

Hi Paul,

Sorry I didn't get to that subject in the first edition of R for SAS and SPSS Users. Several of the options people have mentioned will be in the second edition, although that's about a year off. I did get them added to R for Stata Users, due out in early April.


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>Hello Everyone,
>I have just started learning R and am in the process of figuring out
>what it can and can't do. I must say I am very impressed with R so far
>and am amazed that something this good can actually be free.
>Recently, I finished reading R for SAS and SPSS Users and have begun
>reading SAS and R and Data Manipulation with R. Based on what I've read
>in these books and elsewhere, I get the impression that R is very good
>at drawing high quality graphs but maybe not so good at creating nice
>looking tables of the sort I'm used to getting through SAS ODS.
>Am I right or wrong about this? If I am wrong, can anyone show me some
>examples of how R can be used to create really nice looking tables? I
>often make tables of adverse events in clinical trials that have n(%)
>values in the cells. I'd love to see an example that does a nice job of
>making that sort of table but would be happy to see any examples that
>someone might be willing to send to me.
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