[R] the error in DoSimulateRF function

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Sun Mar 14 21:25:27 CET 2010

maddy <madhura1301 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Hello,
> I did not understand what you mean by updating the system. I am new
> user of R and I downloaded R a few days ago. Also I installed the
> required packages for my program(geoR, randomFields), there was just
> one version I could see for the packages.
> The code I am using is as follows
Where did you get the advice to set .Random.seed that way?
You probably wanted set.seed() [see ?set.seed] instead.  Removing
.Random.seed, or not setting in the first place, should make
things work.
 Here's what I did, from a clean R session:

get_spherical_map <- function(N,phi) {
  sim$data <- (sim$data - mean(sim$data)) / sd(sim$data)
  local <- array(sim$data, dim=c(N,N))

tmp <- get_spherical_map(300,0.25)
## works

.Random.seed <- 1

tmp <- get_spherical_map(300,0.25)
## error

tmp <- get_spherical_map(300,0.25)

## Warning message:
## In grf(N * N, grid = "reg", cov.model = "spherical", cov.pars = c(1,  :
##   .Random.seed not initialised. Creating it with by calling runif(1)

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