[R] Help on getting help from manuals

Patrick Burns pburns at pburns.seanet.com
Fri Mar 12 17:16:20 CET 2010

A new resource along these lines is:
"Some hints for the R beginner"

If you have ideas on how to improve on it,
please let me know.


On 12/03/2010 09:41, ManInMoon wrote:
> Hi,
> A number of people have suggested "I read the manuals"...
> Could someone help me by telling me where the primary start point is please?
> For example, I am interested in writing functions with variable number of
> arguments - where should I start to look?
> "An introduction to R" only show a brief example - with no pointer to where
> to find further data.
> I can't do ?xxx from R console in most cases - as I don't know what the
> function name is that I am looking for!!!
> People have helped me find "substitute" to get some metadata out - BUT how
> could I have found that without guidance from nice people in Nabble?
> Any help on this very much appreciated.

Patrick Burns
pburns at pburns.seanet.com
(home of 'Some hints for the R beginner'
and 'The R Inferno')

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