[R] Ubunut + Eclipse + StatET: Console terminates upon error

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Thu Mar 11 19:39:48 CET 2010

On 11 March 2010 at 19:19, Janko Thyson wrote:
| I'm trying to set up Eclispe (3.5.1) with the StatET-Plugin (0.8.1) under
| Ubuntu (Karmic) and found it strange that my console terminates every time
| something in a script produces an arbitrary error (e.g. just calling a
| missing variable, trying to perform an illegal operation etc.). Can anyone
| tell me why this happens or even better how to fix this?

It so happens that I help a colleague recently to triage this.  The problem
there was that a recent rJava was needed + and installed -- and on Ubuntu and
Debian this goes into 


and StatET -- as shipped -- does not look there.  I don't use Eclipse so I
don't recall where to set this, but in essence you need to make sure that
StatET looks where R puts things. And that tends to be

    R> .libPaths()
    [1] "/usr/local/lib/R/site-library" "/usr/lib/R/site-library"       
    [3] "/usr/lib/R/library"           

CCing Tobias just in case.


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