[R] Forecasting with Panel Data

Matthew Dowle mdowle at mdowle.plus.com
Thu Mar 11 19:17:50 CET 2010


I see you got no public answer so far, on either of the two lists you posted 
to at the same time yesterday.  You are therefore unlikely to ever get a 

I also see you've been having trouble getting answers in the past, back to 
Nov 09,  at least.  For example no reply to "Credit Migration Matrix" (Jan 
2010) and no reply to "Help with a Loop in function" (Nov 2009).

For your information, this is a public place and it took me about 10 seconds 
to assess you. Anyone else on the planet can do this too.

Please read the posting guide AND the links from it, especially the last 
link.  I suggest you read it fully, and slowly.  I think its just that you 
didn't know about it, or somehow missed it by accident.  You were told to 
read it though, at the time you subscribed to this list, at least.  Don't 
worry,  this is not a huge problem. You can build up your reputation again 
very quickly.

With the kindest of regards,


"Ricardo Gonçalves Silva" <ricardogs at terra.com.br> wrote in message 
news:DF406BD9DBE644A9B8C0642A3C3F85BD at RicardoPC...
> Dear Users,
> Can I perform panel data (fixed effects model) out of sample forecasts 
> using R?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ricardo.
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