[R] How to install dependent packages automatically

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Thu Mar 11 15:58:25 CET 2010

On 10.03.2010 23:45, Raphael Aggio wrote:
> Hi,
> I developed a package that requires 5 other packages. I was wondering if
> anyone knows how can I automatically download and install the required
> packages during the installation of my new package. My idea is to make this
> process easier to the final user.
> All the required packages are under bioconductor source but I don't know
> where I can include the code to download and install them.
> Manually, I generally use the code:
> source("http//bioconductor.org/biocLite.R")
> biocLite(c("packageA", "packageB"...etc))
> Any idea?

No idea about biocLite. Youn may want to ask ion the BioC lists for help 
on that one.

Anyway, for those of us using imnstall.packages():

install.packages("yourPackage", dependencies=TRUE)

See ?install.packages

Uwe Ligges

> Thank you.

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