[R] Odp: Loop overwrite and data output problems

RCulloch ross.culloch at dur.ac.uk
Wed Mar 10 15:37:00 CET 2010

Hi Petr,

Thanks again for your post the problem is now solved - thank you so much for
trying and trying to get this to work.

So the final script that actually worked was:


#Create vector to put data in 
mod <- vector(1000,mode="list")
#first order your data according to ID2
#how many values are in each ID2 and a breakpoint fro each ID2

for(i in 1:1000) {
	samp<-sapply(lapply(split(dat.o$ID2, dat.o$ID2), function (x) 1:length
(x)), sample, 1)
	m1.R<-glm(cbind(Sample.dat$BEH_T, Sample.dat$BEH_F) ~ Sample.dat$SITE +
Sample.dat$YEAR + Sample.dat$PRECIP_MM_DAY + Sample.dat$PUP_AGE_EST +
Sample.dat$MO_AIR_TEMP, family="binomial")
		mod[[i]]<-do.call("rbind", model[1,])}
write.table(mod, "/FILE_PATH/test.txt", col.names=T, row.names=F, sep =

Then with the file written to .csv I could open it in excel, transpose the
data and type in the column and row names, a little bit of manual labour c.
3 mins, but worth it!

Really, really appreciate your help with this Petr, I know I wasn't too
clear from the start, but I wasn't entirely sure what the problem was

Best wishes,

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