[R] Tinn-R RGui Send problem

Rubén Roa rroa at azti.es
Wed Mar 10 11:06:44 CET 2010


On a recent Windows XP system that I have to use at work, I installed Tinn-R and R 2.10.1

When I mark-select a piece of code, say


written in Tinn-R and send it to the RGui using the send button, the RGui console instead of showing me my piece of code, it shows something like

source(.trPaths[5], echo=FALSE, max.deparse.length=150)

The code is executed fine but if I want to re-call it to the console, say to make a little change, using the Up arrow of the keyboard, I do not receive the code but again the line quoted above. That's not very useful.



shows that Tinn-R is writing a temporary file in ..\\Program Data\\tmp\selection.r and that file contains my code, and is being overwritten with every new code that I select and send to the console.

Does anyone know what to do to make the console re-call the selected piece of code instead of the call to the temporary file? I guess it is a Tinn-R issue



Dr. Rubén Roa-Ureta
AZTI - Tecnalia / Marine Research Unit
Txatxarramendi Ugartea z/g
48395 Sukarrieta (Bizkaia)

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