[R] looping through predictors

Dimitri Liakhovitski ld7631 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 10 00:26:22 CET 2010

Dear R-ers,
I have a data frame data with predictors x1 through x5 and the
response variable y.
I am running a simple regression:

reg<-lm(y~x1, data=data)

I would like to loop through all predictors. Something like:
predictors<-c("x1","x2",... "x10)
for(i in predictors){

But it's not working. I am getting an error:
Error in model.frame.default(formula = Y ~ x1 + x2 + x3 + i, data = sample,  :
  variable lengths differ (found for 'i')

How can I make it take predictor names in the lm formula?
Thank you!

Dimitri Liakhovitski
Dimitri.Liakhovitski at ninah.com

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