[R] Plotting Comparisons with Missing Data

Alastair alastair.andrew at gmail.com
Sat Mar 6 02:00:53 CET 2010


I'm new to R and I've run into a problem that I'm not really sure how to
express properly in the language. I've got a data table that I've read from
a file containing some simple information about the performance of 4
algorithms. The columns are the name of the algorithm, the problem instance
and the resulting score on that problem (if it wasn't solved I mark that
with NA).

solver instance result
A prob1 40
B prob1 NA
C prob1 39
D prob1 35
A prob2 100
B prob2 50
C prob2 NA
D prob2 NA
A prob3 75
B prob3 80
C prob3 60
D prob3 70
A prob4 80
B prob4 NA
C prob4 85
D prob4 75

I've managed to read in the data as follows:
data <- table.read("./test.txt", header = TRUE, colClasses =
c("factor","factor","numeric"), na.strings = c("NA"))
and I've got a nice barchart via lattice
barchart(result ~ instance, group = solver, data = data)

What I want to try and calculate (and plot somehow) is 
a) What percentage of the instances each solver can solve
and b) What percentage of the instances a solver returns a better score than
solver A for that particular problem.

These don't seem like particularly ambitious requirements, but I still don't
really know where to start. Any pointers would be most appreciated.

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