[R] Nonparametric generalization of ANOVA

Frank E Harrell Jr f.harrell at Vanderbilt.Edu
Fri Mar 5 20:56:31 CET 2010

Matthew Dowle wrote:
> John,
> So you want BlueSky to change their name to "Paul Smith" at "New York 
> University",   just to give a totally random, false name, example,  and then 
> you will be happy ?  I just picked a popular, real name at a real, big 
> place.   Are you, or is anyone else,  going to check its real ?

Matthew that is poorly stated.  We want real names backed up by 
affiliations that if anyone wanted to check they could.  It is just 
common courtesy, and helps some of us feel good about helping others.


> We want BlueSky to ask great questions,  which haven't been asked before, 
> and to follow the posting guide.  If BlueSky improves the knowledge base 
> whats the problem?  This person may well be breaking the posting guide for 
> many other reasons  (I haven't looked), and if they are then you could take 
> issue with them on those points, but not for simply writing as "BlueSky".
> David W has got it right when he replied to "ManInMoon".   Shall we stop 
> this thread now,  and follow his lead ?   I would have picked "ManOnMoon" 
> myself but maybe that one was taken. Its rather difficult to be on a moon, 
> let alone inside it.
> Matthew

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