[R] Three most useful R package

Peter Ehlers ehlers at ucalgary.ca
Fri Mar 5 15:44:17 CET 2010

I don't know if this is too long for a fortune, but it sure
seems to be that it should be one.

Anyway, thanks for the chuckle, Greg.

  -Peter Ehlers

On 2010-03-04 13:29, Greg Snow wrote:
> Well, the HeadSlap package would of course require the esp package so that it could tell the difference between someone doing something clever and someone doing something because "everyone else does".
> For example, user 1 calls the pie function, HeadSlap using esp finds out that user 1 will also be creating a bar chart and dot plot of same data to use in a presentation comparing the types of plots and showing why you should not use pie charts.  HeadSlap allows pie chart to be created.
> User 2 calls the pie function because they think pie charts are pretty and have never learned better, HeadSlap first issues a warning/error with references to Cleveland and others.  Further attempts to use pie by same user for same reason result in activating the hardware.

Peter Ehlers
University of Calgary

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