[R] Please help me how to make input files in Extremes Toolkit model

Huyen Quan quanwru at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 4 11:47:23 CET 2010

Dear sir/madam
My name is Quan, I am a PhD student in Korea. my major is Hydrological in Water Resources Engineering. I am interested in Extremes Toolkit model and I known you from information in internet. 
I installed successfully this model but I didn't know how to make the type of  files input for this model such as: Flood.dat; Ozone4H.dat; Flood.R; HEAT.R. (free download these files of example and show in attachment files)
I want to learn the way make these files from sample files. http://www.isse.ucar.edu/extremevalues/evtk.html 
but i can not download those files because this link was errored. 
Please help me how to get this file and to make files input, if you have some sample files, please send to me to learn and make them.
thank you so much for your help me and hope to see your infomation as soon as possible.
Mr. Ngo Quan


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