[R] Three most useful R package

Matthew Dowle mdowle at mdowle.plus.com
Wed Mar 3 18:48:31 CET 2010


One way to check if a package is active, is by looking on r-forge. If you 
are referring to data.table you would have found it is actually very active 
at the moment and is far from abandoned.

What you may be referring to is a warning, not an error, with v1.2 on 
R2.10+.  That was fixed many moons ago. The r-forge version is where its at.

Rather than commenting in public about a warning on a package, and making a 
conclusion about its abandonment, and doing this without copying the 
maintainer, perhaps you could have contacted the maintainer to let him know 
you had found a problem.  That would have been a more community spirited 
action to take.  Doing that at the time you found out would have been 
helpful too rather than saving it up for now.  Or you can always check the 
svn logs yourself,  as the r-forge guys even made that trivial to do.


Can we please now stop this thread ?  The crantastic people worked hard to 
provide a better solution.  If the community refuses to use crantastic, 
thats up to the community, but to start now filling up r-help with votes on 
packages when so much effort was put in to a much much better solution ages 
ago?  Its as quick to put your votes into crantastic as it is to write to 
r-help.  What your problem, folks, with crantastic?   The second reply 
mentioned crantastic but you all chose to ignore it,  it seems.  If you want 
to vote, use crantastic.  If you don't want to vote,  don't vote.  But using 
r-help to vote ?!  The better solution is right there: 


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> Rob Forler wrote:
>> And data.table because it does aggregation about 50x times faster than
>> plyr
>> (which I used to use a lot).
> This is correct, from the error message its spits out one has to conclude
> that is was abandoned at R-version 2.4.x
> Dieter
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