[R] Issue with length limit in write.table

alexia a.gaudeul at gmail.com
Wed Mar 3 17:50:56 CET 2010


I have an issue with the write.table command:

I have a dataset, with many rows and 3 columns. I give a row example:

"alexia"	"roger","delphine"	"roger","bruno","sandra"

I fist process the data to be able to process the column entries as vectors:

ms<-sapply(1:150,function(i) strsplit(mo[i],"\t"))
texts1<-unlist(lapply(1:150,function(i) ms[[i]][c(1)]))
texts2<-unlist(lapply(1:150,function(i) ms[[i]][c(2)]))
texts3<-unlist(lapply(1:150,function(i) ms[[i]][c(3)]))
y<-matrix(lapply(parse(text=paste("c(", t, ")")), eval), ncol=ncol(t))

Up to then, everything is fine. Then I compare column vectors to compute
common elements:

z <- cbind(y, "A-B"=apply(y, 1, function(ab) setdiff(ab[[2]], ab[[3]])))
a <- cbind(z, "A-B"=apply(z, 1, function(ab) setdiff(ab[[3]], ab[[2]])))
b <- cbind(a, "A-B"=apply(a, 1, function(ab) intersect(ab[[3]], ab[[2]])))
f <- cbind(b, c, d, e)

Up to now, no problem.

It is when I write the following command that things go wrong:

write.table(f,"c:\\dataprocessed.txt", sep="\t")

At this point, columns entries are truncated at the 35th element. This means
that if I have 50 names in column 2 of row 36, then the .txt file only gives
the first 35.

Is there a way to solve this?


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