[R] how to import map data (maptools?) from a html set of 'coords'

sylvain willart sylvain.willart at gmail.com
Tue Mar 2 19:15:12 CET 2010

Dear R users,

I would like to draw map and import it in maptools/spatstat packages.

The 'raw data' I have come from a web page (<map>...</map>) and are
basically a list of coordinates of a polygon.

I would like to know how to import them in R; I checked the maptools
packages, but all the examples use existing .dbf files.

I just have a (serie of) text file(s) looking like this:

For example, for the French Region Burgundy:

<area  href="region.asp?reg=26" shape="poly" title="Bourgogne" alt="Bourgogne"

any idea welcome,


(If anayone is interested with that type of data, they're available at
the INSEE website
along with loads of information on the population and economy of each region)

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