[R] nu-SVM crashes in e1071

Häring, Tim (LWF) Tim.Haering at lwf.bayern.de
Tue Mar 2 17:05:43 CET 2010

> > I`m using SVMs for multi-class classification problems. Therefore I`m
> using the svm() function in the package "e1071".
> > If I use svm(...type="C-classification") everything works fine. But
> if I want to use nu-SVM with svm(..., type="nu-classification", nu=0.5)
> R crashes immediately. No error message - just crash.
> >
> > Did anybody had the same problem and maybe a solution?
> > I`m using R 2.10.0 and the latest Version of e1071
> Maybe for your unstated OS with unstated version of e1071 on an
> outdated
> version of R without a reproducible example given.
> For my WinXP, R-2.10.1, e1071 1.5-22 I get:
> library(e1071)
> data(iris)
> model <- svm(Species ~ ., data = iris, type="nu-classification")
> model

O.k. - sorry for my sparse information.
I just made an update to R-2.10.1 and e1071 version 1.5-22 on WinXP.
I can reproduce the example with the iris dataset. However R crashes when I call svm() with my dataset

model <- svm(soil_unit ~ ., data = traindat, type="nu-classification")

My dataset consists of 9259 obs. of 14 variables. My target variable is a factor variable with 22 levels (multi-class classification). Predictors are 12 numeric and 1 factor variables.

Hoping this information is enough.


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