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(Ted Harding) Ted.Harding at manchester.ac.uk
Mon Mar 1 17:26:37 CET 2010

On 01-Mar-10 15:53:58, Joshua Wiley wrote:
> Dear Ivan,
> One thing I would add to the current discussion is the ability
> of some text editors (most?) to check for matched delimiters "(...)". 
> I also find the highlighting of syntax makes the code easier
> to read. In WinEdt and Tinn-R the basic features are very user
> friendly (I'm sure others are too, but I can say those from
> experience).
> Best regards,
> Josh

I don't like syntax highlighting! But I go along heartily with
the highlighting of delimiters. In vim (to which I'm wedded
for life) it will pick up matching (), {} and []. Very useful
in something like:

  for(i in (5:96)){
    m0<-mean(Y[(1:i)]); sd0<-sd(Y[(1:i)])
    m1<-mean(Y[((i+1):100)]); sd1<-sd(Y[((i+1):100)])
    se0<-sd0/sqrt(i) ; sd1<-sd1/sqrt(100-i)
    se<-sqrt(sd0^2 + sd1^2)


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