[R] Defective help pages

Peter Danenberg pcd at roxygen.org
Mon Mar 1 01:39:23 CET 2010

> As of R 2.10.0, the plain text is generated by the tools::Rd2txt function 
> from the same source as the HTML, i.e. the parsed Rd files stored in the 
> .rdb file in the package help directories.
> It looks as though ESS is the problem here, but I don't really know what it 
> is doing that could cause the symptoms you saw.

I notice that there are windows-style newlines, even though I compiled
HEAD from scratch in Cygwin; and running `R CMD Rd2txt <file.Rd>'
produces the same defective output, so I'm not sure it's an ESS

My hypothesis was that Rd2txt is invoking some defective system
command; but it appears to do all of its parsing and output itself.

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