[R] Adjust lattice graph axis label on final page

Sebastien Bihorel Sebastien.Bihorel at cognigencorp.com
Fri Feb 26 15:14:53 CET 2010

Thanks Deepayan,

This confirms what I thought I should do... One follow-up question about 
your suggested code: is it possible to create a lattice graph object 
myplot and modify the layout just for panel 7 and 8, rather than 
creating two graphs with different layouts?


Deepayan Sarkar wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 3:45 AM, Sebastien Bihorel
> <Sebastien.Bihorel at cognigencorp.com> wrote:
>> Dear R-users,
>> I was wondering if there was a way to adjust the placement of the axis
>> titles for the last page of a multi-page lattice plot (see example below).
>> Depending on the total number of panels, the placement of these titles might
>> look strange on the last page, if the layout is not adjusted (e.g. in some
>> template code).
> It's not possible to adjust the labels on a per-page basis.
> It _is_ possible to have the two plots fill up the last page, but that
> may not be what you want.
> xyplot(y~x|id,as.table=T,data=mydata,layout=c(2,3))[1:6]
> xyplot(y~x|id,as.table=T,data=mydata,layout=c(2,1))[7:8]
> -Deepayan

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