[R] two questions for R beginners

Carl Witthoft carl at witthoft.com
Thu Feb 25 23:39:20 CET 2010

Well, here goes...

I still wish there were a really good monograph on the use and 
implementation of factors.

I had to do a certain amount of digging to learn that {assign, get, 
eval, expression, call, parse, deparse} all existed and how they play 
together.  Sometimes they are look like the C language's  indirect 
addressing, *foo and &foo , and sometimes they don't. :-)

Remembering exactly what " y~x " can do and what it can't took a while.

Learning about, and watching for 'lazy evaluation,' especially in 
variables passed to a function, was a bit of a surprise.

And to echo others, "R-inferno" has been invaluable, along with the 
Zoonek manual.


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