[R] mtext with at=NULL

Ulrike Feldmann Ulrike.Feldmann at zkrd.de
Thu Feb 25 14:58:07 CET 2010


in the help of mtext I found

"at: If ‘length(at)==0’ (the default), the location will be determined
by ‘adj’"

But if I use mtext( "hello world", at=NULL) there comes the following
error message:

Fehler in mtext("hallo Welt", side = 3, adj = NA, at = NULL) :
  'at' mit Länge 0 angegeben

So the help says it is ok to use at with length(at) == 0 but if I use an
at with length(at) == 0 I get an error message.

This is a bug, isn't it?

Kind regards,

Ulrike Feldmann

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