[R] mlogit is not an S4 object error

Steve_Friedman at nps.gov Steve_Friedman at nps.gov
Wed Feb 24 14:51:31 CET 2010


I've been getting the following error  when using the mlogit function from
the mlogit package

This is one of the examples provided in the Package "mlogit" January 27,
2010 description

data("Fishing", package="mlogit")
 Fish <- mlogit.data(Fishing, varying = c(4:11), shape="wide",
 summary(mlogit(mode ~ pr + ca - 1, data = Fish))

Error in deparse(object at call) :
  trying to get slot "call" from an object (class "mlogit") that is not an
S4 object

I'm running on Windows XP  R 2.10.1

Does anyone have any ideas why this is failing ?


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