[R] reading "surfer" files

RagingJim nowa0021 at flinders.edu.au
Wed Feb 24 05:23:13 CET 2010

To the R experts,

I am currently playing with a program which was designed so that the outputs
are to be read in "Surfer". I do not have the program, but the files, can
but put into excel and graphed. I figured i could do the same thing with R.

If I open the file with excel, and put the text into columns, and separate
them by spaces, I can then graph it. But how do I do this in R? Once I have
done all that in excel and saved it, I can then open it and do a 3d suface
plot in R, but I would like to skip the excel step.

Each line looks like this:

0.2100209E+03  0.2109997E+03  0.2111866E+03  0.2095219E+03  0.2079958E+03 
0.2088303E+03  0.2095171E+03  0.2104975E+03  0.2124125E+03  0.2132827E+03 
0.2125371E+03  0.2119912E+03  0.2119215E+03  0.2127108E+03  0.2147589E+03 
0.2167924E+03  0.2157783E+03  0.2144353E+03  0.2127579E+03  0.2085133E+03 
0.2065096E+03  0.2037935E+03  0.1973606E+03  0.1945031E+03  0.2076126E+03 
0.2131146E+03  0.2014675E+03  0.1999074E+03  0.1994730E+03  0.2003694E+03 
0.2003093E+03  0.2017771E+03  0.2070309E+03  0.1945123E+03  0.1892468E+03 
0.1857383E+03  0.1817865E+03  0.1791424E+03  0.1785881E+03  0.1791883E+03 
0.1803020E+03  0.1797575E+03  0.1807816E+03  0.1835612E+03  0.1866963E+03 
0.1882194E+03  0.1919594E+03  0.1940257E+03  0.1977790E+03  0.1970629E+03 
0.1983556E+03  0.1990551E+03  0.1999159E+03  0.2016027E+03  0.2029541E+03 
0.2049124E+03  0.2077511E+03  0.2081407E+03  0.2074211E+03  0.2082496E+03 
0.2088355E+03  0.2089197E+03  0.2106171E+03  0.2125163E+03

The first thing I have to do is remove the first 4 lines (which are just
file information), and then separate each value into its own column. How do
I go about doing that?

Cheers lads.
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