[R] export graphics for editing in Illustrator

Ivan Calandra ivan.calandra at uni-hamburg.de
Tue Feb 23 10:22:46 CET 2010

Dear R users,

I would like to edit my graphics in Illustrator. I know that I can set 
up almost every graph parameter in R, but the time I will spend 
searching for the correct settings might not be worth since I'm quite 
used to Illustrator and since I will in any case use Illustrator to 
prepare for publication.

Up to now, I've used savePlot() with type=("eps") but I'm unable to 
dissociate every part of the plot in Illustrator.

Is there a better way to do it? Another function, another package, or a 
completely different approach? I'm of course open to all suggestions.

For info, I run R2.10 on Windows XP

Thanks in advance

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