[R] matching on two criteria

LCOG1 jroll at lcog.org
Mon Feb 22 23:42:44 CET 2010

Howdy y'all,

I am looking to use the match function to match a data attribute to another
data frame but i need it to do so on two criteria to ensure an appropriate
match.  The following matches incorrectly.  I know the example looks
pointless but its just an example.  Perhaps there is another way of doing
this?  Thanks

#Sample Data
Props<-c("p754921","p754921" ,"p754921","p75506" ,"p75506" 
 Area<-c(109828.04,  128134.71,   46469.57, 37160.21, 
 342309.558, 260906.870,  17014.659,   7285.706,  10936.316) 
#Creat 1st dataframe
 #Sample Data
Props2<-c("p754921","p754921","p754921","p75506" ,"p75506" 
 ,"p75506","p75506" ,"p75508","p75508","p75508","p75508","p75508") 
#Create 2nd data frame

#match on prop and return area to data frame

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