[R] Downloading data from Reuters - second trial

Thomas Schwander thomas_schwander at web.de
Sun Feb 21 12:59:03 CET 2010

Dear lists (I was not sure which list would be the better-one),

I'm trying to download data from Reuters (3000 Xtra) into R with the 
extension written by Rory Winston (http://www.theresearchkitchen.com). I 
first stored the dlls into the bin directory of R, tried to load it into 
R with dyn.load but the extension cannot be loaded.

So I hoped to find an answer in the R list and got the topic. It seems 
like I have the same problem as Shubha, because also on his PC 
dyn.load("reuters_ts.dll") fails to load. Unfortunately the topics ends 
with "I'll email you off-list and we can work through it."

Maybe anyone's also tried to download data from Reuters (even via 
another way than Rorys) and got it to work?

Thanks for your help and have a nice weekend,

Configuration: Windows 7, R 2.10.0, Reuters 3000 Xtra

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