[R] Bayesian Block Kriging?

Candan Soykan Candan.Soykan at noaa.gov
Wed Feb 17 20:13:39 CET 2010

     I'm interested in doing Bayesian kriging using R.  I see that the 
package geoR has a function that will allow one to do this 
(krige.bayes).  However, my data are not in the form of points, but 
rather they are blocks that represent spatial averages (i.e., the number 
of fishing hooks per month in a given lat x long square).  I am 
therefore interested in treating the data as spatial blocks, rather than 
points.  I see that package gstat has a function that will allow one to 
do block kriging (krige).  However, I cannot find a function that will 
allow me to do both, Bayesian and block kriging at the same time.  My 
questions are:

1) Can the function "krige.bayes" be made to accommodate data in areal 
form (rather than point data)? or
2) Does the function "krige" allow for Bayesian inference (i.e., priors, 
posteriors)? or
3) Is there another package that can do both? or
4) Is there a method for combining functions to do what I would like to do?

A response to any and/or all of these questions would be greatly 
appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Candan Soykan
candan.soykan at noaa.gov

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