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FishR tomworthington at talk21.com
Wed Feb 17 19:54:52 CET 2010

Dear all
I have a dataset examining the probability of a population surviving
(calculated from a logistic regression) of a species over a 200yr period.
The predictor variables are either continuous but non-normal (e.g.
temperature, oxygen) or categorical (e.g. channelisation), unfortunately I
also have a large amount of missing values.  

Year	Decline	Temperature	Oxygen	Channelisation
1800	0.947758115	36.6	NA	NA
1801	0.946135961	25.2	NA	NA
1802	0.944466388	28.5	NA	NA
1803	0.942748196	35.5	NA	NA
1804	0.940980166	33	NA	NA
1805	0.93916106	30.2	NA	NA
truncated …
1999	0.028531339	10.5	NA	5
2000	0.027649801	8.4	NA	5    

I have been trying to run a Cox Proportional Hazards Model with the code

model<-coxph(Surv(Year, Decline) ~ Temperature + Oxygen + Channelisation)

but keep getting an error message ‘Invalid status value’. 

Have I inputted the data in the wrong format or am I trying to run a totally
unsuitable model? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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