[R] extract the data that match

Sharpie chuck at sharpsteen.net
Wed Feb 17 04:04:48 CET 2010

Roslina Zakaria wrote:
> Hi r-users,
> I would like to extract the data that match.
> I'm interested in matchind the value in column 'intg' with value in column
> 'rand_no'

Match how? Rows where intg equals rand_no at the same position?  The rows of
intg that are present somewhere in rand_no regardless of position?  You need
to be more specific.

Roslina Zakaria wrote:
> Attached is my data:
>> cbind(z=z,intg=dd,rand_no = rr)
>             z  intg rand_no
>    [1,]  0.00 0.000   0.001
>    [2,]  0.01 0.000   0.002
> <snip>
> Thank you for your help.

This isn't a good way to provide tabular data-- people that want to help you
can't just paste it into R and start working.  They will have to reprocess
the columns so that they can be read in by a function like read.table or
read.csv.  This will take some time and most won't bother-- they will just
ignore your question.

The best way to provide tabulated R data is to run your data frame through
the dput() function and post that output.  It won't look as nice, but any
list user will be able to paste the code into their console and regenerate
your table.

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