[R] tm package

David Neu david at davidneu.com
Tue Feb 16 02:57:06 CET 2010


I'm using version 0.5.1 of tm package with R 2.10.1.  It looks to me
as if after the following

    reuters21578 <-  Corpus(DirSource(corpusDir), readerControl =
list(reader = readReut21578XMLasPlain))
    reuters21578 <- tm_map(reuters21578, stripWhitespace)
    reuters21578 <- tm_map(reuters21578, tolower)
    reuters21578 <- tm_map(reuters21578, removePunctuation)
    reuters21578 <- tm_map(reuters21578, removeNumbers)
    reuters21578.dtm <- DocumentTermMatrix(reuters21578)

that reuters21578.dtm does not include terms from the Heading (e.g. the Title).

I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this and if so, is there an option
to have the terms from the Heading included?

Many thanks!


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